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    Md. Rafiqul Islam, Md. Zahidul Islam and Nazia Leyla, "A tree based approach to matchmaking algorithms for Resource Discovery", in International Journal of Network Management, Volume 18, Issue 5, pp. 427-436, September/October 2008, Wiley Publishers, Print ISSN: 1055-7148, DOI:10.1002/nem.686.

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    One of the essential operations in a distributed computing is resource discovery. A resource discovery service provides mechanisms to identify the set of resources capable of satisfying the requirements of a job from a large collection of resources. The matchmaking framework provides a reasonable solution to resource management in a distributed environment; it is composed of four important components as classified advertisement (classad), matchmaker protocol, matchmaking algorithm and claiming protocols. Most of the time required to find a resource depends on the performance of the matchmaking algorithms. A distributed environment introduces a large set of heterogeneous resources which is always changing. The matchmaking algorithms should incorporate with this highly changing environment. In this paper we proposed a fast and efficient searching method for matchmaking algorithms which also deals with resource heterogeneity. The proposed approach reduces the searching time to a linear function from a cubic function proposed by R. Raman, M. Livny, and M. Solomon. We discuss briefly the working principles of the method and compare the experimental results of the proposed matchmaking algorithm with those of the existing algorithm.

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