Graduate Courses

  • CSE 5000 - Scientific Research Methodology


    Nature of the research process, types of research, ethics of research: voluntary participation, anonymity and confidentiality, deceiving subjects, analysis and reporting; research proposal, planning, purposes of research: exploration, description, explanation, hard-data focus, soft-data focus, conceptualization; some practical considerations: time, venue, instrument to be used etc, research team, interviewers, willingness of respondents to participate; data collection: four levels of evaluation, levels of data collection/unit of analysis; research methods and tools: interviews, group techniques, observation, questionnaires, company records/archive/information, self generated measures; sampling; data analysis and interpretation: quantitative analysis, qualitative analysis; report writing: academic writing, technical writing; feedback sessions

  • CSE 5001 - Seminar


    Participants will work individually to prepare reviews of papers/topics assigned by course teacher and present before audience.

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