Graduate Courses

  • CSE 5701 - Advanced Microprocessor


    Review of different microprocessors: 80486, 68040, V70, Gmicro processors; Comparing the architectures: RISC and CISC; Instruction set of machines: SPARC, INTEL, and MIPS; Study of microprocessors: Pentium II, Alpha 21064, MIS 6400, PA-RISC; Math coprocessors and microprocessors.

  • CSE 5702 - Advanced Logic Design


    Functional decomposition and Symmetric functions; Linear sequential machines; Reed-Muller expansions and their minimizations; EXOR based logic design; self-timed circuits; asynchronous design techniques; Digital logic circuit testing and testable design: testing of combinational and sequential logic circuits, design for testability and built-in self test; Digital logic simulation; Reverse logic synthesis.

  • CSE 5703 - Computer Organization and Design


    Classification and addressing modes, Operands and Operations for Media and signal processing, instructions for control flow, Encoding an instruction set. Pipelined and Superscalar processors, Data hazards, Dynamic scheduling, Branch prediction, Hardware based speculation, Thread level parallelism. ILP with software approaches: Compiler Techniques, static branch prediction, static multiple issue, advanced compiler support for ILP. Basic Techniques of Integer Arithmetic, Floating-point Arithmetic, Speeding up Integer Addition, Speeding up Integer Multiplication and Division. Memory technology, RAIDs, organization for improving performance, Virtual memory and protection, Cache organization, Reducing cache miss rate and penalty. Busses, Performance measures, Designing I/O system, Reliability, Dependability and Availability. Symmetric shared memory architectures, Cache coherence protocols, Distributed shared memory architectures, Synchronization, Models for memory consistency, Multithreading. Interconnection Netwo

  • CSE 5704 - Advanced Computer Architecture


    Measuring performance and cost: performance measurement, Benchmarks, costs of building computers; Instruction sets: classifying instruction sets; improving CPU performance: pipelining, dynamic instruction scheduling, branch prediction, instruction-level parallelism, VLIW processor; vector processors: architecture and design, performance; memory hierarchy: evaluation, cache design and optimization, virtual memory design, memory protection, memory coherency; storage systems: reliability and availability, I/O system design; Multiprocessors: parallel architecture classification, centralized vs distributed shared memory, interconnection topologies, synchronization.

  • CSE 5705 - Embedded Systems


    Embedded computing, characteristics of embedded computing applications; embedded system design; constraint-driven design; development environment: execution environment, memory organization, system space, code space, data space, I/O space, start-up, interrupt response cycle, function calls, runtime environment; computing platform: CPU bus, memory devices, I/O devices, component interfacing; distributed embedded system design: inter-process communication; networks for embedded system; Design techniques: design methodologies and tools; system integration, structural and behavioral description.

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