Graduate Courses

  • CSE 5601 - Parallel Algorithms


    Introduction, Parallel processing, Parallel models, Performance of Parallel Algorithms, The work-time presentation framework, Basic techniques: Pointer jumping, Balanced trees, Divide and Conquer, Pipelining, Partitioning and symmetry breaking, List ranking, Euler-Tour technique, Tree contraction; Parallel searching, merging, sorting and selection, Connected components, Minimum spanning trees, Biconnected Components, Directed graphs, Plane sweeping, Visibility problems, Simulation between PRAM models, Lower hounds for EREW, CREW and CRCW PRAMs.

  • CSE 5602 - Distributed Computing Systems


    Distributed object systems, Retrieving and caching of distributed information, Distributed data replication and sharing, Performance issues, Algorithms for deadlock detection, Concurrency control and synchronization in distributed system, Models for distributed computation, Networking facilities and resource control and management methods in network and distributed operating systems, Collaborative applications, Wide area network computing, Web based commerce, Agent systems and Market based computing. Large-scale distributed systems: properties and examples; search requirements in service discovery, peer-to-peer content sharing and distributed XML databases; unstructured techniques: intelligent flooding, hint-based routing, etc.; basic structured techniques: Chord, CAN, Tapestry, Kademlia, etc.; advanced structured techniques: pSearch, Squid, SkipNet, etc.; Signature search techniques using Bloom filters; Distributed Pattern Matching (DPM) problem and its applications; distributed crawling and indexing techni

  • CSE 5604 - Ubiquitous Computing


    Introduction to Ubiquitous Computing; Ubiquitous Computing Visionaries: mouse, Parc, MIT; Ethics; Privacy; Responsibility; Architecture: Autonomic Computing, Distributed Computing, Cloud Computing, Peer to Peer; Mobility: Mobile Computation and Agents, Smart Places, Wearable Computing; Service-Orientation; Sensors and Actuators; Ubiquitous environments; Ubiquitous theory: Location, Spatial Databases, Topological Reasoning, Metadata, Security and Privacy; Ambient Calculus; Relational Models; Specifications: UML, OMG, Ontologies; Context Awareness: GPS, location and tracking; Applications: Smart Homes, Smart Workplaces, Social Computing, Religious Computing, HEalth and Medical Computing, Science, Surveillance, Monitoring, Navigation.

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