Graduate Courses

  • CSE 5501 - Multimedia Systems


    Overview to Multimedia Systems, Multimedia storage, Data compression techniques for audio and video, Synchronization, Multimedia networking and protocols, QOS principles, Video streams on ATM, Mobile multimedia communications, Operating system support for multimedia, Hypermedia system, Standards for multimedia, Multimedia database and Multimedia Applications. Multimedia data: image, audio, and video; Image encoding: Transform coding, vector quantization, and Fractal encoding; Image encoding standards; Audio encoding: Liner predictive coding, filter bank design, psychoacoustic models, Code Excited Linear Prediction (CELP), Algebraic CELP, Regular Pulse Excitation, Multi Pulse Excitation, and Vector-sum Excited Linear Prediction ; Audio encoding standards; Video encoding: motion prediction (full search, � pel and � pel precision), and Fine-granular scalable encoding (Bit-plane encoding); Video encoding standards; Video file formats; Video storage mediums; Audio-video Channel coding.

  • CSE 5502 - Computer Graphics and Animation


    Advanced Graphic Techniques: Graphics basics, Three dimensional drawings, Geometric forms and models, Hidden surfaces, Fractals; Advanced rendering Techniques: Shadow generation techniques, Texture and environment mapping techniques, Procedural texture mapping and modeling, Ray tracing, Radiosity methods, Global illumination models, Volume rendering techniques; Advanced Animation: Animation articulated structures, Soft object animation, Procedural animation.

  • CSE 5503 - Human Computer Interaction


    Psychopathology of everyday things: visibility, affordances, natural mapping; psychology of everyday actions: seven stages of action gulf of execution and evaluation; knowledge in the head and in the world; constraints; human errors; design challenges; user-centered design; Cognetics and locus of attention; meaning, modes, monotony, myths; quantification; unification; navigation;

  • CSE 5504 - Multimedia Communication


    Multimedia information representation, Multimedia networks, Multimedia services and applications, Network QoS and application QoS, Transform coding, Motion compensated predictive coding; Information representation: text, image, audio and video; Text and image compression: compression principles, text compression, image compression; Audio and Video compression: Audio compression, Video compression, Video compression principles; Multimedia compression standards: JPEG, H.26x, MPEG 1/2/4/7, AVC, Scalable Video Coding; Other coding formats for text, speech, image and video; Multimedia communication across networks: Layered video coding, Error relevant video coding techniques, Multimedia transport across IP networks and relevant products such as RSVP, RTP, RTCP, DVMRP, Multimedia in mobile networks, Multimedia broadcast networks, Content based retrieval in digital libraries; End-to-End QoS for video delivery, Wireless video, Error control in video streaming, Cross-layer video adaptation.

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