Graduate Courses

  • CSE 5301 - Computer Communications and Networks


    Modifications of TCP; TCP over ATM; ATM internetworking; ATM service categories and quality of services; ATM switch architectures and their performance; Digital switching; Traffic analysis; Fiber optics networks optical packet switching; Metropolitan networks, Wide area networking, Gigabit Ethernet, ADSL. HTTP, pHTTP and recent advances in internet protocols; Web server performance, proxy servers, load balancing in web servers; IP switching: Tag switching, Multi-protocol label switching; IP security; Queuing models for networks and protocols; Real time protocols: RTP, RTCP, RTSP; Voice over IP; Distributed object technology for networking; Networks agents; Active networks and protocol boosters, Multimedia Networking: Integrated Service, Differential Service, MPLS.

  • CSE 5302 - Wireless and Mobile Communication Networks


    Characteristics of cellular communications; QOS in cellular communications; Wireless LAN; Wireless ATM and media access protocols for WATM; Wireless application protocols; Wireless personal communications; Mobile IP; Spread spectrum techniques: DSSS, FHSS, CDMA, GSM, CPDP; satellite communications  internetworking via satellites; Mobile satellite communications.

  • CSE 5303 - Wireless Ad Hoc Networks


    Introduction: applications and motivations; broadcasting protocols: algorithmic aspect, optimization techniques, power-efficient broadcasting;, routing protocols: DSDV, AODV, DSR, position based routing protocols, load balancing techniques, multi-path routing; medium access control protocols: reservation-based MAC protocols, Bluetooth technology, IEEE 802.11 based MAC protocols; channel propagation models; topology control protocols; power aware protocol design; cross layer design principles; mobility awareness; fairness and security issues: attacks and preventions; stimulating cooperation: self policing schemes, economic incentive based schemes; other state-of-the-art relevant topics.

  • CSE 5304 - Wireless Sensor Networks


    Introduction: applications; Localization and tracking: tracking multiple objects; Medium Access Control: S-MAC, IEEE 802.15.4 and ZigBee; Geographic and energy-aware routing; Attribute-Based Routing: directed diffusion, rumor routing, geographic hash tables; Infrastructure establishment: topology control, clustering, time synchronization; Sensor tasking and control: task-driven sensing, information-based sensor tasking, joint routing and information aggregation; Sensor network databases: challenges, querying the physical environment, in-network aggregation, data indices and range queries, distributed hierarchical aggregation; Sensor network platforms and tools: sensor node hardware, sensor network programming challenges; Other state-of-the-art related topics.

  • CSE 5305 - Wireless Resource Management


    Resource management architecture: evolution and components of QoS and cross-layer architecture for bandwidth management; tri-band and smart antenna; handoff management; mobility prediction; resource management and connection admission control; bandwidth allocation and scheduling: real-time guaranteed and fair real-time scheduling; inter-domain radio resource management; high performance broadband architecture; wireless truthful computing; resource allocation of spatio-temporal division multiple access control; resource management schemes for connectivity: Piconet and scatternet; energy efficient MAC layer protocols for wireless ad-hoc networks; routing and resource discovery for wireless ad-hoc networks: QoS based routing, topology management, efficient resource discovery, hybrid routing protocols, and localization; energy efficient broadcasting and multicasting algorithms; power-conserving broadcasting and multicasting algorithms; scopes of increasing wireless resources, research and future developments.

  • CSE 5306 - Network Security


    Issues of Network security, treats to network security: wiretapping, impersonation, hacking, cracking, phishing, ID theft, authentication and authorization, firewalls, Virtual private networks, intrusion detection system; Secure network devices; security policies ; internet vulnerabilities; Web security, e-mail security, e-commerce security;

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