Graduate Courses

  • CSE 5201 - Advanced Software Engineering


    Introduction to Software Engineering, Unified Modeling Language, Requirements Engineering, Design, Testing, Software Lifecycle, Refactoring, Extreme Programming, Requirements Engineering, Software Architecture, Service Oriented Architecture, Model Driven Architecture, Aspect Oriented Software Development, Software Processes.

  • CSE 5202 - Software Project Management


    Foundations of software project management; organization structure and staffing; motivation, authority and influence; conflict management; proposal preparation; a large engineering software system management; client management; managing software project teams; project planning and scheduling; risk management; configuration management; pricing estimation and cost control; quality assurance and accreditation; factors affecting software quality; software quality assurance plans; business context and legal issues for software projects; software measurement: testing, upgrading and maintenance; network systems; and international project management.

  • CSE 5203 - Software Testing and Quality Assurance


    Definition and concept of software quality assurance (SQA); quality models; specification of quality requirements; product development & delivery issues; software development processes & maturity; software quality management process: total quality management, improvement cycle, SQA planning & management, organizing the SQA effort; software verification & validation; typical software development errors; Fagan inspections; software audit; software testing: testing objectives & testing fundamentals, testing theory, coverage criteria, equivalence class testing, value-based testing, decision table, syntax & state transition testing, statement & path testing, branch & condition testing, data flow testing, thread-based testing, integration & integration testing, system testing; testing in object-oriented systems; test tools & test automation; test management; problem reporting & corrective action.

  • CSE 5204 - Software Verification and Validation Tools


    Introduction to automated verification and validation of software, test execution systems, performance measurement tools, testing graphical user interfaces, coverage measurement and tools, web application testing, software security testing, introduction to model checking, verification tools (SMV, SPIN, DiVinE).

  • CSE 5251 - Advanced Database Systems


    Object Oriented Database; Data Model, Design, Languages; Object Relational Database: Complex data types, Querying with complex data types, Design; Distributed Database: Levels of distribution transparency, Translation of global queries to fragment queries, Optimization of access strategies, Management of distributed transactions, Concurrency control, Reliability, Administration; Parallel Database: Different types of parallelism, Design of parallel database; Multimedia Database SystemsBasic concepts, Design, Optimization of access strategies, Management of Multimedia Database Systems, Reliability; Database Wire-housing/Data mining: Basic Concepts and algorithms.

  • CSE 5252 - Information System Management


    Information systems management: importance of information systems (IS) management, IS management's leadership role, strategic uses of IT, IS planning; managing essential technologies: distributed systems, managing telecommunications, managing information resources, and managing operations; managing system development: technologies for developing systems and management issues in system development; systems for supporting knowledge work: supporting decision making, collaboration, and knowledge works; acquisition of hardware, software, networks, and services: request for proposal, acquisition methods (buy, rent, or lease), software acquisition, and analysis of alternatives; people and technology: the challenges ahead.

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