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Saikat Mondal

Computer Science and Engineering Discipline
Khulna University
Khulna-9208, Bangladesh


+1 (639) 317-9971




I completed my Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Engineering from Khulna University. Now I am working as a faculty member at Computer Science and Engineering Discipline, Khulna University. I also acting as an assistant director of student’ affairs, Khulna University. Before that I worked as a software engineer under Advanced Research and Development Group in Samsung Bangladesh Research and Development Center Ltd.

I come from a very rural area and that is my best strength. I spent the major part of my life in that locality and still now I am greatly involved with my locality. There is a vast scope to do something for the development of different sectors including education, agriculture, infrastructure, consciousness and so on as the people of my locality is deprived of every kind of modern facilities even the basic facilities of leading their lives. My dream is to work for the betterment of my locality as I get the real flavor of love and coordination from the people of my locality.

Research Interests

Software Engineering, Software Repository Mining, Machine Learning


BSc, KU Bangladesh

List of Publications

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